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im deffinatly buying a utility

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ok. after going out on a ride with some friends and the blaster braking down, i had to borrow my friends 96 honda fourtrax 300 4x4. I LOVED IT. halfway through the ride i switched off with my friends big bear 400. i will probably get something of the sort for christmas. heres the problem. i cant choose! i love the handling of the all time 4x4 matched with the comfortable power of the 300cc's. i love the power of the big bear and the on command 4x4 but its not the softest ride. i just need to choose one because it would be great to help around the farm with and to ride around the trails. dont hessitate to express your opinion

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one i would say GO FOR IT.... and two really depend wat u want.... u can get a warn 424 select which u can put on the honda fourtrax and get it outta 4x4 to save u some gas and to do some fun stuff... the big bear is also a great one to.. wat year is it? does it have a locker... both atvs u can do a lot with... y dont u buy something with independent rear suspension?? its like riding a cloud..lol.. theirs also a crap load of stuff u can do to both to get the power u need...

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he paid on his own i believe.

but yes i agree about the wolvys. the newer ones..ehh not so much but get an older 5 speed one and they are crazy. this guy at my lakehouse has one and i topped it out and it FLAT OUT GETS IT. probabally the fastest thing down there...untill this summer when i take the 400ex down! =]

but yeah all i know it has done is an HMF pipe, and i think a wiseco piston.

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