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  2. I have a set of razr2's in my garage. waiting for the death of my surtrax
  3. I have a pair of those sitting in the garage the razr2's
  4. Very nice start. Made everyone else look like jv scrubs
  5. Yeah I live 15 minutes from springfield and I know people that were locked in their basements for a while yesterday
  6. Well I turned on the news this morning and we have a severe chance of a tornado in the franklin county:elvis:. If so, it would be the first tornado i've ever witnessed in new england. Anyways... If I don't come on tonight to check my subbed threads then you know that I'm a goner:no:
  7. Racing cams is one I remembered this morning and oh yeah 5 speed all the way!! about the turbo manifold, It's from a company called sps (saturn performance systems) and they were only around for about 2 years, but they came out with the craziest parts for saturns. We are running at such a high compression, that i thought it would be best to put on a turbo header. we would plumb and install a turbo, but one for a saturn is like $3000 it's probably because they are in such low demand
  8. Well. Dual straight spiral flows. cold air intake, bored over (don't remember off the top of my head), running 14:1 compression on 93 ocatne, mega squirt, stand alone computer, racing headers, turbo manifold, locking differential tranny... can't think of anything else at the moment, but of course it's 9:30 and I'm working on my math final:aargh:
  9. Well I couldn't see that he was on pavement. It looked a little green from my veiw with no glasses on
  10. That made me laugh a little:laugh:
  11. You could have bad contacts in the start switch. I've had to replace that before
  12. Maybe check then clamps on the lines themselves? If they're rubber tubes.
  13. Ouch!! that looks like it was a fun fix:aargh:
  14. Nice! I can't tell if that's tire smoke or exaust smoke:confused:
  15. Anything is usually better than stock
  16. Well yes, I know we all are QUADCRAZY, some of us might be CARCRAZY, I am one of those people. With that being said, post up some pictures of your second baby:biggrin: My 1992 Saturn SC2, lots of custom mods and add-ons. Pushing about 375WHP and almost 400BHP. If you have any questions about it just ask
  17. Wow. That is going to be a must have. I'm gonna see if I can get one off ebay for cheap
  18. Wow sounds incredible! How much are we talking about when you say "They are outstanding for the money...":confused:

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