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  2. yes got all but one off now the motor is completely rebuilt and butting everything up tomorrow. but i have a problem, one of the header bolts striped out in the head what can i do without removing the head! help please
  3. its already off im rebulding the top end cuz my piston seixed before i bought the bike
  4. hard to remove i soakedt hem in pb for 2 hours
  5. i cant seem to get the adjuster covers off my valve cover on my 400ex any ideas?
  6. alright i just measured the cylinder and its at 85.85mm ao im just goin to do the 416 kit , my brother i goin to try and use a press to get the wrist pin out for me oh if i do the 416 kit will any topend kit work or will i have to get a kit for 86.mm im thinkin bout just getting either namura or wiseco any suggestions thanks guys
  7. so i should try a 146? main? and what pilot? if you can send those that would be great P.o. box 434 windham ohio 44288 elevation is 980ft
  8. i have a 2005 raptor 350se with a K&N air filter and Baffle removed from stock exhaust and i have a aftermarket cdi i was wondering what i should jet it to right now its stock and when i fisrt start it up and give her some gas she pops so i need some recommendations on jetting
  9. if i decide to do 416 kit can i still run 89 octane
  10. well i bought it the bike is really nice and clean everything else works just need to eplace some a-arm bushings. i tore the top end apart and the piston was seized but i got the jug off but the wrist pin is froxe and i cant get it out. any ideas on how to get thatout so i can replace the piston? the kid o got it from gave me a brand piston and told me it was a 440 any deas n how t =o find out if it is and the compression ratio. the crank spins over real smooth and i noticed a litle oiil in the bottm of the case and theere was a=some oil in the head so i dont think the valves are shot or the main bearings but whaat will i have to do if i put the 440 in it? thanks guys
  11. i was ondering if it would be a ood idea to buy itp mudlite sp tires for my raptor 350 like are they good for the ever changing conditions in ohio?
  12. Im about to buy a 2002 400ex and my buddy is selling it to me for 300 bucks he told me he was out riding it and it ran out of oil and locked up. when he got home he said the oil drain plug came out and all the oil drained. he hasnt messed with it since last summer. i need your guys input on whether i should buy it and what to look for when i pick it up. oh and what you think could be wrong and what ill have to replace Thanks guys
  13. thank you now i know this is askin alot but do you by chance have the valves specs ?

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