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  1. no not push start. it will start with the starter as long as it is in gear and clutch is out .
  2. recheck groung , all good . i have to have some wires crossed, can a relay be put in backwards ???
  3. ok so i had or still have a electrical problem , i have replaced all the relay's and solenoid . the only way i get the thing to start is in gear with the clutch out . if i put in neutral it does nothing ,if i put in gear and pull the clutch in it still does nothing
  4. my parking brake safty switch was my problem ,sounds like what you described. it took me forever to figure it out, after i did it started doing the same thing only to find out if the tank isnt1/2 full my raptor wont run ? still puzzled by this but i fill it up and runs like a champ. i get below 1/2 tank and it fall's off.
  5. cant get starter to turn, replced the solinoid and all relays. i dont get any power down at the starter. i can jump the starter and it will crank. the solinoid clicks but no power comes out of the other side that go's to the starter. any suggestions
  6. thanks guy's i will look at the link and see if i can handle it . i still dont understand how it works? the stater clutch must engage something to move the gear to the starter i guess.
  7. i never seen a starter set up like this , use to work on car's but this looks crazy to me . my starter spins and makes a grinding noise, well not really a grind i cant describe it . ok pulled starter and it works fine, i took off side cover and it looks like it dosnt hit the other gear to turn over the engine. some guy told me a starter clutch ,what the heck is a starter clutch and how do i install 1
  8. my raptor will only run in neuteral, as soon as i put in gear to take off it mis-fires. recently i changed the starter switch under the seat and put on a new clutch handel . it was running fine for a few days . now i sputter's out in any gear ???????

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