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raptor 660 starter issue

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i never seen a starter set up like this , use to work on car's but this looks crazy to me . my starter spins and makes a grinding noise, well not really a grind i cant describe it . ok pulled starter and it works fine, i took off side cover and it looks like it dosnt hit the other gear to turn over the engine. some guy told me a starter clutch ,what the heck is a starter clutch and how do i install 1

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ur starter clutch is bad,it is located on the left side of ur bike behind the side cover,u will also need a balancer puller to remove the fly wheel,it's not that hard to replace,go to thes site and it will tell u how to replace ur one way,as well as parts needed,i have done a couple of them,make sure u replace the 52 tooth gear...................L&A Designs One Way Yamaha Raptor 660 Starter Clutch

message me if u have any questions....good luck

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One suggestion, do not use a conventional 2-3 jaw puller to remove your flywheel. There is a specific puller made for removing the flywheel on your machine, and they aren't too expensive. It screws into the flywheel and has a bolt on the inside that screws in and pushes your flywheel off. You can get away with using regular generic pullers sometimes, but I have personally seen flywheels ruined by using the wrong tool. I definately agree that it sounds like your starter clutch is the problem.

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thanks guy's i will look at the link and see if i can handle it . i still dont understand how it works? the stater clutch must engage something to move the gear to the starter i guess.

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Once you get in there, and can see how it is set up, you may better understand how it works. Good luck.

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