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  2. OK, thanks PolarisRich and everyone else who had ideas
  3. Just got back from a 30 mile ride and it didn't miss a beat even when riding in high range where I should be using low. What did I do???? The only thing that might have helped was removed coil and wire to spark plug, unscrewed both ends of the high voltage (spark plug) wire and cut off 1/4-3/8" from each end and screw it back together real tight.(make sure you get the wire centered on the screw in there) The other things were made sure any igniton and ECU wiring wern't close to any high voltage sources. Pull all connectors and put a small dab of dielectric grease in each one. Hope this helps yours dlcr. Thanks PolarisRichI'll keep the clutch info in mind if it starts to screw up again. Are there any points that require lube or is the sticking usually caused bu wear? I would like to thank everyone for their input on this problem.
  4. Checked the float level and is correct. Put back together and need to take tools and meter for a ride & see if anything changed after tearing it apart. Life has gotten in the way for a while will try to get to it this week.
  5. The override button makes no difference, Id like clarify here it doesn't need to be a hard pull just an up hill grade like 4-6 percent will make it act up sometime even less. Just keeps getting worst the longer I ride it thats why I think its heat related. Keep the ideas coming I appreciate everyones help.
  6. check the seal in the cap? Check for vent or overflow lines leaking?
  7. Coil resistance spec is 10,500 ohms mine reads 11,970 cold and increases when heated with hair dryer anyone know if this is far enough out of range to be breaking down underload? Also heated up engine as hot as possible by stalling, fan on almost constant and float bowl is cold so I don't think fuel is boiling, but good thought thanks
  8. No pulls fine in low range only had it burble one beat one time on a really steep pull. Dealer can't duplicate problem so they just gave up like nothing was wrong PMO guess I'll go pick it up and find a OEM manual & fix it myself like I should have in the first place. Will keep you informed but keep those ideas coming
  9. Start at the battery checking both pos (+) and ground (-) making sure all connections are tight and clean. The gounnd should go to the frame close by, then follow the pos(+) cable checking for tightness and cleaning all connnections if it goes into a solenoid figure how to energize it to keep following the path every direction it goes. This sounds like a of checking but is the only way to find where the power isn't going.
  10. Ok had no way of checking coils so decided to ride again, worked good when cool in the AM but the longer I rode & the warmer the outside temp got the more it crapped out, decided to let the local Polaris dealership get their pound of flesh & diagnose it, it's acting more electronic than fuel related. Will let you know what they found.
  11. Haven't done that yet, good idea, thanks Pete
  12. My 06 Sportsman is crapping out (like starving for fuel) on moderate to long uphill pulls in high range when over half throttle. If you back off and feed the throttle slowly it will run correctly for a while then start again. I've replaced the spark plug, air cleaner is clean, carburator has been removed and all jets and air passages have been cleaned. The float is parallel with the float bowel surface when held upside down, and I've done the clear line in the bottom drain fitting with the engine running and the fuel level is at the top of the float bowel this is the only thing I'm not sure of, is this correct? New fuel pump, no vacuum leaks that I can detect, fuel filter has been replaced, the ECU was replaced under recall just before I started riding it. If I run it on the flat and load the engine with the brakes it doesn't crap out just keeps pulling. If I'm in low range it doesn't do it. I'm out of idea any new ones out there? Sorry for the long ramble but tried to give as much info as I have. Thanks, Pete

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