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  2. Happy to help! ...now if I could just find the time to work on my own...😉
  3. Grey oil as in milky colored? This is usually coolant and could indicate a blown head gasket, which would also account for the low compression. Definitely get a manual. It can save you some agonizing problems like finding out the bolt you just stripped was actually a reverse thread (been there, done that). Oops! Just noticed the date of the original post. Sorry.
  4. I've been an MX motorcycle fan forever but found out I "splat" when I hit the ground rather than bounce, so I've just invested in my first Quad ( Suzuki LT160). Anyway...after years of buying project bikes there is one mantra you need to repeat over and over..."What did the last owner do?" I had a PW 50 that absolutely would not run until I found out the previous owner had run a drill bit through the main jet to enlarge it. Put in new jet and it ran like a dream. So...if the manual says it should be 1 and 3/4 turns out and that makes it worse, you might want to check and see if the parts of your carb are stock and if the adjustments (i.e., cir-clip on jet needle) are standard. Also, from your remark, "Unrelated but I still dont know what that little plunger on the side of the carb is for," the only plunger I'm aware of on a carb is the choke. Are you running it with the choke engaged?

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