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  1. I need help with how the shift cam fork and stuff go back in On stator side
  2. Hey i need a picture of how the shift fork assembly goes back in
  3. Should be betting like 300 ohms right
  4. Hey guys its the stator i beleave onky has 0.52 ohms
  5. I will try that in a little bit Frank thank you
  6. I cant cond the pickup coil I didn't install the stator I just bought the bike And what regulator
  7. Some times I get spark some times not can ride then it just dies and wont get spark it has new cdi box and stator but I don't know if it has the pickup coil I'm at a loss
  8. It worked They areinterchangable now I need help with my big bear
  9. Wanting to know if I can put hubs from a recon on a soortrax

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