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  1. Are you in Tennessee I could just bring it to you LOL OK I will have My Son get some stuff like that and we will try it out thank you so much for your time and if we have anymore questions I know who to ask
  2. Ok and there is also some oil dripping and a burning smell and a little smoke coming off the engine Thank you so much for your help I know nothing about these things I bought it for my son used and I guess it came with some problems
  3. There is gas coming out of this line any clue were it supposed to go?
  4. That was suppose to say breather line dang auto correct sorry!!!
  5. Really ok so none of the hoses bigger or smaller go to anything? So how would I unclog The engine great airline or check to see if it is clogged And how would I get the oil out if it was overfilled would I just pulled the drain plug and let some of it out?
  6. No I haven’t but now when he was shifting it splattered oil everywhere and a bunch of hoses came loose that were underneath and we can’t figure out where the hoses go to can anybody help me out with this? I have found where one of the ends connect but I can’t find where the other connects!!!
  7. It kinda bucks I guess but it’s got plenty of gas I ordered a new petcock Because it also drips gas very slowly when it’s sitting not running and I read that could be the problem but I don’t know if that has anything to do with the jumping
  8. Hey I just recently bought a 2002 Kawasaki Bayou 220 when you shift it jumps a lot and while it’s riding it it’s jumping as well but won’t stay started when you let off the gas Could somebody tell me what could possibly be the problem? Thank you
  9. Hey I just recently bought a 2002 Kawasaki Bayou 220 when you shift it jumps a lot and while it’s riding it it’s jumping as well. Could somebody tell me what could possibly be the problem

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