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  1. I'm fixin to buy a new CDI but not sure that's the problem. Can anybody think of anything else it may be?
  2. I have done some more cheching and i have 12 volts coming to the coil, and 9 volts coming out but still no fire????????
  3. Yeah i've got a SMALL problem. Being the speed freak i am, i took upon myself to do a little modification to my 5th gear limiter on my 07 RAPTOR 700R. I had read that all you had to do is cut and ground the BabyBLUE wire on the end of the CDI. Well being my A.D.D. Self i didn't read the part about unplugging the CDI and the Battery first. So as soon as i finish making my connection to ground i try, key word try, to start it up. Well quess what it eon't start. It turns over and wasn't getting any fire. I checked everything, tried unplugging everything, nothing worked. Well i go to remove my spliced wire from ground and it hit the hot post on the battery. Now it won't even turn over. DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY IDEALS

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