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  1. Same here, I am still trying to get the clearance to download it....
  2. Thanks for the thorough reply. Ideally I would disassemble it almost completely, but I want to put special focus on the parts more prone to problems. I live in Argentina, so spare parts, although somewhat availalable, are not readily available and have to be ordered. It has been laid up in a sheltered place but it has not been ran dry. Carb and filters are definitely prime candidates for thorough cleanout. I had missed to include the spark plug in my initial post, thanks. Thanks for the neutrality safety switch hint, I will include it in my list! I will keep you guys posted on the progress! Federico
  3. Hi all, I have just got a 1995 Bayou 220 from my brother. It is in decent condition ant it has not been used much, yet it has been sitting idle for a long time (4+ years). The plan is to overhaul it and move it to a location where it will be used 4-6 times a year, so, beyond having the battery charged, the idea is to have it ready and in good condition. It will be stored in a steltered place while waiting to be used. My questions would be: 1. What things should I carry out as basic overhaul tasks / 2. What are the typical aches, things to watch out for in this model/year. I definitely plan on changing all the fluids, filters, battery, cleaning the carb, etc. but any specific recommendation from your experience will be of great help. thanks in advance!
  4. Hi, maybe you can help me. I have just acquired an old bayou 220 and I need the service manual. To my understanding, I have completed the requirements to be able to download it. Yet, the page does not me allow to do it. Do you have any hint or recommendation on how to proceed? Thanks in advance! Federico
  5. Well, thank you very much for the great welcome to both. I will definitely get back to ask questions as I progress in the overhaul. I promise to post pictures of the final result too! thanks again federico
  6. Do you know how can I get the bayou 220 repair manual? thanks!
  7. Hello, I have just acquired an old (1995) Kawasaki Bayou 220. It is in relatively good condition but I would really like to overhaul it. Do you know how I can find the service manual? thanks!

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