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  1. I think I better get started carefully take everything out and see what needs to be replaced?
  2. I did get the piston to move but I have very little compression now do you think I should take the jug off thanks mike
  3. Hi my son's 2005 Honda recon engine is seized any ideas on what or where to get another engine Thanks to you guys i fixed my other son's four wheeler last month any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks Mike
  4. Thank you guys for all the help my son's four wheeler is up and running after putting a neutral safety switch in Polaris trail boss 325 couldn't have done it without you guys
  5. Thank you it's not the kill switch i have a new one i just installed on The machine and after using the multimeter it definitely seems to be the indicator switch thank you guys if I'm wrong I'll ask for some more advice I appreciate all the help
  6. Thank you guys for all your help this place is great i ordered the indicator switch thanks again for all the help
  7. That's great thank you i will look at it shortly You guys are at thank you for all the help
  8. I have continuity everywhere I will check the s safety switch today Thank you guys
  9. Thank you I'm in the process with the tester no battery problems and there is a new one in it i have power going to everything I don't understand why it's not starting or why I have no lights
  10. Thank you I'm in the process with the tester no battery problems and there is a new one in it
  11. Hi my son has a 2000 Polaris trail boss 325 it has no lights will not start unless pulled or i jump it the battery is good there is a new starter switch on it too any suggestions thank you for any help
  12. I have a Polaris 2000 trail boss 325 with electrical problems I have no lights it will not start unless I pull it or jump it with a piece of wire any help would be greatly appreciated
  13. Help electrical problems 2000 Polaris trail boss no lights not starting but I can jump it and pull start works

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