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  1. I have traced and have power all the way to ignition jumped the switch and power goes to the switch on the left handlebar lights kill switch etc. Quite diff to follow that way
  2. just bought a 2000 polaris 325. was told i vould pull start and ride but needed new battery for electric start. so bought new bat and charged it but nothing. while spraying with a hose after a ride it all came on. neutral light cooling fan and then quit. checked those things in the black bag and power at both ends. starter will roll when i jump solenoid. power to the ignition switch jumped that but still nothing. maybe switch for headlight and starter? NEED HELP PLEASE.
  3. 2000 polaris 325 trail boss, I am also having electrical isues. pull start runs fine but no lights or cooling fan? will roll if i jump solenoid. no nuetral or reverse lights. while spraying it off with hose after a ride it all worked, fan came on the like that it quit

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