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  1. why cant i see whats for sale? is there some kind of restriction i got to meet before i see it?
  2. Thanks all, this is for a friend and im relaying all this info to him...
  3. it doent matter wether its warmed up or cold and it happens very random and not to often,,,but when you let off the throttle the engine stalls and dies and it will start right back up everytime and not do it again for weeks... where should i start looking to fix this?
  4. the start button quit working so i intalled new one, still nothing, it will not try and start at all like its not getting and power to the button so i thot its the cylinoid (which sits next to the battery which is above the left back tire) I put brand new one on still nothing...when i jump the cylinoid with a piece of copper wire it starts right up.... is there a fuse or something that leads to the starter button that could be blown? I took the seat off and tracked the wire from the cylinoid to the starter button and i noticed the wire goes into something that is wrapped in some kind of black rubber plastic looking square shaped thing... the wire goes in one side and out the other? what is inside that black rubber thing? a fuse? could that be the problem? i dont want to cut it open if i dont need to..... all help is needed thanks....
  5. ive put the new pads in but cant get them to go back on rotor because of the mounting bracket...i can compress the bracket in with a c clap,, but it comes out again when i remove clap.... there is still a allen bolt in the calibur that looks like it is connected to the bracket still... am i supposed to take the bolt out also, is that why the bracket will not stay compressed so it will fit on the rotor? i have tried to remove that bolt but it is extremly tight....

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