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  1. Thanks, you were close. I found the white wire that goes to the battery and has the fuse in line had gotten pinched somehow and only had three strands left. Patched it and now everything's fine. Mech from New Zealand gave me the clue when he mentioned turning on the lights to get a few more rpms to a guy who posted about a similar problem with his 400
  2. You're concerned about watts when amps is what you need to figure out. A standard light draws 12-13 amps where an LED of equal lumens draws 2-3 so if you get a 22" light bar it will draw less than 2 headlights and taillights. Watts is how lightbulb lumens are judged for output not draw
  3. Yeah Dave, it's always that low but, when I check my bosses 300 with the same meter it reads 12.35-79 with it running, even swapped coils this morning before work and still no joy
  4. So it's been a while since I was on here begging for knowledge but....here I am again, like a bad penny. So my 300 bayou was fine and I drive it close to 30 miles a day ( no joke, no license). I pulled over to light a cigar and drove 100 ft and started down a dip in the dirt road and it acted like it was out of gas (just filled the tank) but then when I tapped the brakes it started running fine. Now it'll start but runs rough unless I turn on the headlights and brake light them it'll even out and at first it'll skip and backfire almost them it'll run fine untill it goes to idle them
  5. Ok, first things first... Happy Thanksgiving everyone and thanks for all the help and support. So, now down to the nitty gritty, found the problem, baby girl is running like brand new. The crazy readings I was getting from the pulse coil had the answer. When I bought the new stator and pulse coil from caltric I was really hoping I would be able to fix it, it WAS the coil. Somehow the blue wire got pinched almost in two where the wires go into the motor, just above the rubber gasket. Never would have seen it but for the deciding to chance the stator was bad. Wish I knew how to do vi
  6. Yeah it ohms as good with the magnet on the far side away from the coil but again I get crazy readings when I turn it over, from -0.02 to 6.85 ohms at 20k
  7. Sorry took so long to get back, between work and hunting for deer I been tied up. So on 20 volts my meter gets wild swings, from 0.00 to 0.06. if i turn it back instead of going all the way around again i get minus 0.01 then when I go past the pick up I get -0.03. Thinking that's not normal, only got 0.05 at 20 volts once in bout 45 revolutions going slow as molasses by hand
  8. No, tested ohms then put my drill on the recoil starter bolt and tested the pick up for the pulse to the cdi
  9. No what meant was could the magnet on the stator that actually trips the pick-up coil be bad and yet the stator still generate power? I've heard the magnets can get weak if overheated or hit with something?
  10. I've tested and retested everything from the wiring harness (3 times, OMG what a time consuming pain), put every part except stator and pulse coil on my buddies running 300 so it's either Gremlins or the pick-up coil. Almost worth the oil and gaskets to try that.So can a stator be putting out power yet not activate the pick-up coil? Is that possible? If it's wierd it'll happen to me, true story.
  11. Yep new regulator and coil will fire all day on my buddies 300. Put it on last time I was working on it and let it run for 45 minutes or so to see if when the coil got hot it would mess up, it didn't. Ran fine.
  12. Cranked it over using a drill (in reverse) and put my multimeter on DC volts and at about 650 rpm all it read was .01
  13. Ok, so as I said, my rides been pull start for a while which makes some stuff harder to check but, finally got some spare time to get back to it and decided to take the recoil starter cover off and hook up a drill with a 14mm socket and pulled my spark plug so I could crank it over while testing stuff. Here's what I found out... pulse coil isn't sending a signal to the CDI. Tested the stator and it's putting out 14.89-15.74 each wire ac volts. Ohmed the pickup at 0.43 set on 20k. So at 10k would that be 215? Or 430? They're both new from caltric and you can't adjust the air ga

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