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  1. I'm hoping but it's like one of those things compression test comes out perfectly 130 psi then what I've been through everything else u no
  2. No that's the only test I haven't done yet been reading all the forums so figured that stuff was what was wrong its doing same exact thing so didn't put much thought I have checked time and its smack dab on so I'm stuck besides compression check and make sure valves are seated. I have a top end gasket kit just blows my mind cause any other 44-wheeler main jet or sec jet is clogged I went over this one with a tooth brush so not sure where I went wrong
  3. No it starts and idles perfect but when you give it gas it starts backfiring through the card horribly bad and it takes it forever to start keep turning it over it will pop a few times then it will eventually start and idle smooth as rain until you hit the gas replaced everything you can think of still same thing and its perfectly in time I don't understand it how can you do bleed off to check the valves with a compression tester
  4. Please help I'm about to give up and call it quits

    1. Flipper Tiffany Roper Jones

      Flipper Tiffany Roper Jones

      The reason there gas in the crank case is cause I turn it over for ever b4 it starts

  5. All I have been through everything. Bought brand new. Throttle safety switch Cam and rockers ECM Carborator Stator Fuel safety switch Battery Everything every forum has spoken of I've bought sealed airbox completely tight unplugged black wire on trans. I have literally done everything in the book.Checked oil today full of gas anyone no anything what might b wrong. Next I'm taking head off and making sure valves seat any ideas.

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