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  1. my polaris will start then dies in 10 sec any iseas
  2. hi guys I'm back again lol. Last year I bought a polaris 500 magnum had some issues we banged our heads together and Finally fixed the problem well im back. So it ran fine for a long while then just lost spark. So bought the same exact stator and pickup coil I bought b4 boom fired right up now the kicker runs for 7 sec then dies ok so hear we go with what I've tried Gap in throttle good unplug black wire did it no go Reflowted bowl just incase fuel stopped not and didn't fill up not it Bought a new fuel pump stator pick up coil twice now Bought cdi box nothing But if you hold it half throttle when you start it runs for ever So new spark plug new wire Coil nothing ill take any ideas besides fuel even mention it
  3. There was a hole on top of the plastic cover where clutch wore through it that is one of the worse engineering designs I have ever seen wish there was a way to turn it to shaft driven I'm just glad I wasn't on it it would have blew my ankle to pieces it the loose like a spring on a car it just blew into a million pieces shot the plastic cover about 50 yards away
  4. Man I just went through a creek belt stopped moving and it blew the clutch to pieces it there any way to actually seal that thing I need a new clutch anyone have a parts bike
  5. Yea I've been checking everything out but seems like bigger tires only way to raise axles
  6. It's not stiffer it just sinks to the frame like right now I need to raise wheel base if the dont make one I can fabricate one was just hoping they sold something save me the engineering and lengthening steering column and so on
  7. Do they make like a suspension lift at all for the 99 Polaris magnum 500 I took it out this weekend it's so heavy it just sinks to the frame like immediately I have never had to use a winch so much in my life lol we had a muddy blast tho
  8. It say mikuni I was looking for something Chinese that name is still Chinese
  9. How do you actually no if you have a Chinese card I mean theres nothing on it any where
  10. How about when you are going fast and you let off the gas and it starts backfiring in exhaust but when it get almost to idle it stops and only happens when you let off at hi rpms
  11. Question runs great but when it sits and cools down it takes me forever to get it started but when it warms up u just touch the start button and fires right up to me seems like rings might b worn and needs a new set but I'm just curious now what every one else thinks. I've went through this bike from top to bottom only thing I can think of is rings
  12. Honestly I don't no what was bad if I have to bet it was the stator but I ordered all 3 stator cdi and voltage regulator and when I did from pickup coil to cdi when you pushed the 2 connector together just a 2 wire colors didn't match on other side they were backwards matched colors runs like a rape dape took my first real ride on my quad today back home and perfect hope this case helps someone
  13. No both ends are molded ends but when you put them together the white matched up to the red white instead of white and vise versa I cut it yesterday flipped them put it back together started and ran like a rape dape so it was 1 of the 3 that was bad tho that wouldn't let it run right
  14. Ok I can finally end this its was 1 of 3 things on mine stator voltage regulator or cdi box I switched those 2 wire back to the right colors it runs like a rape dape now thank you guys
  15. For the first time ever I was able to actually rev it up worked great went right back down to idle did it 6or7 times just perfect then thermostat light came on from opening compression release cover so much I lost alot of coolant gonna let it cool down put coolant in it start it again and see where I sit right now has my Hope's up
  16. Yea all of it's new actually without a battery hooked up at back cables I have 7.2 at idle
  17. Yea keys there not sheared pulled it off 6 times now alright every body i do need your guys help tomorrow I'm switching those 2 wires back to colors that match from pickup coil not sure if polarity is wrong but if it was did it short anything out? Is there away to test each individual one without it running I'm talking stator cdi voltage regulator coil all of it it is mechanically strong compression test everything is perfect so it leaves carb or electrical I'm trying to find a cheap used carb as I message you a new remanufactured one just cost way to much I'm about $1200 in this so far I have to figure out when cost overcomes price so any help the better
  18. On the new cdi box and stator theres a white and white/red from pickup coil where the 2 plug together I think the clips molded wrong goes from the white from stator to white/red of cdi box then white/red from stator goes to white of cdi box wiring diagram says the colors should match so I'm thinking polarity to cdi box is backwards opinions anyone and there molded ends
  19. I'm using stock fuel pump I tried running it straight to the carb and it did the same thing I didn't see no Mark's on stator plate but then again I wasn't looking for any either I just put it back where the old washer mark were from the bolts. I'm just stumped idled great with other electronics on put brand new on not cant get it to stay running for more than 30 seconds now weird
  20. I really need someone help it idled perfect b4 now I got the right electrical everything not wont even idle when it would idle 4ever b4
  21. This one is 157 and if I touch the gas it backfires though the carb smoke flush and it immediately dies

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