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  1. It wont stay running long enough idles for about a minute then it goes to stall right before it dies completely the last second it like hits a compression stroke and literally sounds like it does throw it backwards just looks like a super weak spark before it was almost all blue now it's all light yellow pickup coil doesn't have adjustment for it so I was wondering if I turn stator plate just a hair will that adjust pick up coil and I'm pretty positive timing supposed to be on that upside down t right cause theres also 3 hash marks in there but when goes to turn over it's super hard to turn over but once it just gets past that compression then it takes off and goes
  2. It's got a real yellow spark is there a way to adjust the pickup coil like turning stator plate maybe
  3. So new stator pickup coil cdi box and voltage regulator its having a horrible time trying to start and when it does runs for about 1 min at idle then dies takes like 30 cranks just for it to start about to check valve flash and double check the timing I have timing right now set on the upside down t and cam with cam notch pointed straight up to cam center any ideas
  4. Sorry was waiting on parts I got my stator/pickup coil/voltage regulator/and cdi box in yesterday I'm putting it all back together today I'll keep you informed. After this I'm completely stumped.
  5. Ok so motor is the same so parts I've bought seem to match up wire wise at least. I'm looking for a stator and see what happens.
  6. They won't let me have it says you either pulled it or not aloud to show it
  7. Is the sportsman same as magnum I was just going through all the plastics guy I bought it from said it was a sportsman so I never checked but plastic says magnum 500 everything I have bought has been for a sportsman I hope the the same anyone have a 99 magnum 500 manual by chance That's on the board of dumbass rookie mistakes holy cow
  8. I'll be relieved actually I swear I'm really good at working on bikes but I have to admit this is one that's gonna get the best of me or it will work right one of the 2 I will keep you guys informed Everytime I look online there all under $50 except for Ricky stator why
  9. Theres a wire that bolts to the bike from the stator almost is cut through from the flywheel I'm buying a new stator no matter what but has to get a ground from some where in look. Fly wheel almost cut it through but when I first fire it up with a new voltage regulator today perfect 14.8v on dc side soon as I revved it up just a little stalled now I cant even get 7v on dc side so I'm getting a new stator screw all this and voltage regulator and going from there with American parts this is bs
  10. Yea but has to be created somewhere ground just dont come out of thin air especially for dc current now I'm a master electrician of ac and dc I no a ground just cant appear pole wires are connected to ground by earth ground which is just the neutral but ac is coming from generator in the bike then has a wire going to ground inside the stator that has to ground the one leg of the stator to create a ground to the quad
  11. Does the stator create a ground when there is none on the quad with out a battery
  12. Ok will do that's at battery terminals everything is hooked up but battery I started it by jumper cables to the solenoid so why does it stay running if only 5.4 at battery
  13. Everything but red wire hooked up on voltage regulator that's where I have the tester
  14. Top one dc bottom ac Directly off voltage regulator I unhooked the battery its down to 4.6 off regulator dc
  15. Ok heres how I tested it I fired up the quad it was idling the voltage regulator up front tested 2 primary stator wires right there 18.7 so plugged those back in switch meter to dc tested that 12.6 well that was working right so I took stator wires back off now its 22.2 ac so I revved it up a little it went to 40v ac that's phase to phase
  16. Theres only 2 primaries and 2 exciters it was 18v ac measured phase to phase then 22v ac phase to phase then idled it up was 40v phase to phase
  17. When I first started it up it was perfect 18v ac from stator 12.7v dc output then I left it run a little bit longer at idle then it jumped up to 22.5v ac and 7.6v dc so I kept checking it revved it up a little and jumped up to50v ac I didn't want to hook voltage regulator up to that high of voltage
  18. That was straight off the stator from wire to wire the ohms dont match manual thru exciter coils either whoever had it b4 me bought stator and voltage regulator new well when I test exciter coils there 513-521 ohms manual says 446 so makes me think something is wrong I honestly think they bought a 96-97 stator colors dont match even close to what there supposed to. That is off the stator output
  19. Question I fired it back up with everything back together but figured I would test the alternator first fired it up 17-18v ac let it idle for a while now 22.7vac and 7.6dc what is going on Also if I rev it up even a little its 50v ac just putting a little bit higher idle to it that's phase to phase btw

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