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  1. I went and got a new cam yesterday it doesn't even come with the spring preloaded which sucks. Right now I'm trying to find a cap before I can try it again. Just worried to break another one Also ? How on earth can the motor go backwards some where on hear someone said sounds like the motor went backwards how can that happen
  2. Key is 100% in tacked. But for some reason its either flapping around in there with enough force to bust it off its steam. Or something is throwing it out so hard to but it off the steam. I just have to believe its bouncing around with so much force to break it off
  3. Ok thanks I'm having the worst luck with this one I usually I don't have any trouble fixing these this ones kicking my ace
  4. OEM but guess it could always be bad I'll order another one. Idea on decompression
  5. It will go in 2 different ways but I put it in exactly how the service manual showed it both times now before I put it in and wounded the spring once never had this problem now manual says put it in with spring in relaxed position do not wind it once it will not work right but both times broke the case out like something is throwing it out the busting the weight off and weird thing it started running perfectly when I unhooked the battery its getting so much juice from stator it blew my neutral light out this is crazy I just keep throwing money at it and just keeps costing me more its insane
  6. It's all open I opened it back up and took the cam out is there anything to holds the cam still
  7. I just put in a brand new cam and a brand new cap and it just did the same exact thing is there something that holds that cam or decompression ring in place. Also I noticed another thing when I started it disconnected the battery ran like it was supposed to hook battery back up couldn't hit the gas again. I'm getting so frustrated with thing its unreal about the hundredth time I've taken it apart.
  8. Yea no kidding definitely one of the more difficult ones I've had to work on. What happened to just air fuel and spark for god sakes. Now they have all this un needed bs to em now its unreal. But for $300 in mint condition I'll put in the wrench time every time.
  9. Yea I have a spare I bought cycles r us biggest indoor parts yard is 15 min from me so theres my cap I'll let you know how it goes
  10. Since the spring didn't hold it very tight from it slapping back and forth in there it's only aluminum cans still turning so it got beat by the stop pin and the rod its mounted on flipped sideways and busted out. Theres literally nothing in there but it u no. I'm just glad it busted out not in.
  11. You no the cap that covers it it busted right through it you can't tell in the picture because the pieces are covering it I'll snap you another one real quick. What on earth would cause that theres nothing in there besides a flip lever for god sakes.
  12. What on God's green earth would have caused this. It's the decompression lever. It busted clear through the case. I installed it just like manual said keep spring completely relaxed if you wind spring up once it wont work. Now look its demolished.
  13. That's what I said you have no idea how many parts they thru at this trying to get ig working right definitely cleanest carb I've ever seen to anyone no what main jet and sec jet is supposed to be now I believe it's a carb issue looked Chinese to me and thanks for the diagram I'll check asap and let u no
  14. Thank you guys and sorry this forum is such a pain in the but its unreal theres no quick way of seeing my messages from you guys. I have to search google find quad crazy its frustrating. Then when I click on your guys messages in my email I have to login again instead of auto login I have to try to log back in so I back out then loggin
  15. Okwhat through the air cleaner. I'll try it tomorrow got late. I was wondering now that its definitely outside the motor if the dumbass bought the wrong carb this could be the one for h.o. for all I no. Do you no what size main jet and sec jet is supposed to be
  16. Yea 1999 Polaris 500 yes its starts like now idles awesome but someone put a winch on it before I got it its tapped into everything. I'm a electrician for 25 years working on em is more as a hobby I by em fix em then let the kids run em into the ground lol. The person I bought it from replaced all those parts and cant figure out what's wrong so hint(there being super veg) that why I need a wiring diagram from front to back. I have never seen a ecm tied into a headlight before in my life not even the ground because of noise interference but haven't worked on everything so maybe it does but wont no without a diagram. But I mean as soon as you hit button fires immediately so has to be something small and stupid
  17. Anyone have a good wiring diagram someone installed a winch started idled great but in the meantime wires to ecm getting so hot melting the insulation I need a wiring diagram with the worst news I'm mechanically strong motors great next is something stupid
  18. Ok well put it all back together boom fires and idles instantly but as soon as you hit the gas it stalls motor I no for s fact is great unhooked black wire same thing now what
  19. I just started it without spark arrestor sounded awesome so were putting together the finishing touches I'll b so ticked off if the compression release was the whole problem all along
  20. I have to put carb back on 6 hours not even a smell of gas let alone drip so I'm putting it back on
  21. Yea I have it straight from gas tank to carb. I was just wondering cause before fuel pumps the compression is what sucked the gas it needed so if its pulling so much where spark doesn't work and why its turning over so ridiculously hard reseated valves going back together now

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