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  1. There was a hole on top of the plastic cover where clutch wore through it that is one of the worse engineering designs I have ever seen wish there was a way to turn it to shaft driven I'm just glad I wasn't on it it would have blew my ankle to pieces it the loose like a spring on a car it just blew into a million pieces shot the plastic cover about 50 yards away

  2. Question runs great but when it sits and cools down it takes me forever to get it started but when it warms up u just touch the start button and fires right up to me seems like rings might b worn and needs a new set but I'm just curious now what every one else thinks. I've went through this bike from top to bottom only thing I can think of is rings

  3. Honestly I don't no what was bad if I have to bet it was the stator but I ordered all 3 stator cdi and voltage regulator and when I did from pickup coil to cdi when you pushed the 2 connector together just a 2 wire colors didn't match on other side they were backwards matched colors runs like a rape dape took my first real ride on my quad today back home and perfect hope this case helps someone 

  4. For the first time ever I was able to actually rev it up worked great went right back down to idle did it 6or7 times just perfect then thermostat light came on from opening compression release cover so much I lost alot of coolant gonna let it cool down put coolant in it start it again and see where I sit right now has my Hope's up

  5. Yea keys there not sheared pulled it off 6 times now alright every body i do need your guys help tomorrow I'm switching those 2 wires back to colors that match from pickup coil not sure if polarity is wrong but if it was did it short anything out? Is there away to test each individual one without it running I'm talking stator cdi voltage regulator coil all of it it is mechanically strong compression test everything is perfect so it leaves carb or electrical I'm trying to find a cheap used carb as I message you a new remanufactured one just cost way to much I'm about $1200 in this so far I have to figure out when cost overcomes price so any help the better

  6. On the new cdi box and stator theres a white and white/red from pickup coil where the 2 plug together I think the clips molded wrong goes from the white from stator to white/red of cdi box then white/red from stator goes to white of cdi box wiring diagram says the colors should match so I'm thinking polarity to cdi box is backwards opinions anyone and there molded ends

  7. I'm using stock fuel pump I tried running it straight to the carb and it did the same thing I didn't see no Mark's on stator plate but then again I wasn't looking for any either I just put it back where the old washer mark were from the bolts. I'm just stumped idled great with other electronics on put brand new on not cant get it to stay running for more than 30 seconds now weird 

  8. It's hard as heck to start turns over turns over then starts idles good for 30 sec then dies like once the gas is out of the bowl its dies but didn't do that with last electric idled perfect only died when you gave it fuel I'm so frustrated its unreal really thought it was gonna start run great and would be riding it by now

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