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  1. This is not a repeat thread i got the wireing strait this is another problem
  2. grounds are good any other suggestions
  3. this thing is drivin me insane people i got a new complete wireing harness and key switch ,coil,battery the thing has a very weak spark the spark plug gap has to be set under.005 to get a spark ive even held on to the plug and it shocks me but nothin like it should and=y suggestion would be greatly appriciated thanks LOUIE SKIVERS:aargh::aargh:
  4. no luck i foud wire diagrams for every thing but a scambler 90
  5. had spark lost spark found 2 wire that if i barly rub them together spark comes back but when i twist them together for solid contact spark go's away the wire that i found must have went to the switch that some one cut off the bike cause they lost the key the wires one is black with blue stripe and the other is the grond black if any one has one of these 4 wheelers could you please look at the wireing behind the switch and help me out or if you have the manual email me the wire diagram PLEASE!!!

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