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  1. Yeah, it's independent suspension. The ride is really smooth. I also like that it's not a locked 4x4 system like my Honda. It's got a clutch in the front diff that locks on wheel spin. Makes steering on hard surfaces much easier
  2. Yup brand new. Not my first quad. I have an 04 Honda TRX350FE as well. I like them both, but the Sportsman is much better to plow snow with. The extra weight and torque really help. I like wringing out the Honda on the trails. It's quite a bit lighter and it's just more exhilarating to drive a slow quad fast.
  3. I figured it out. It's the diff breather hose. I just routed it up the steering column and zip tied it.
  4. I found a black rubber hose hanging down from the front of my Sportsman 850. I'm trying to see if it's the diff vent hose, or something else and if it's something else, what it's supposed to attach to...

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