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  1. So basically i need to buy some new plugs, do a plug chop to see where im at. then take the carb out and float bowl off to adjust the pilot screw and go from there.
  2. so im having trouble finding the air screw, is it located on the outside of the carb so i can just adjust it without taking the carb apart. and is there two of them, one for each carb
  3. i noticed the dry plug after i plugged the hole in the air box. its was kinda a lightish gray color
  4. i bought it about a year ago and i have no idea if its the stock jetting or not. i did take out the plug and noticed that it was really dry.
  5. so i covered up the whole on the air box just to see if it would make a difference and i rode it for bout an hour and it seemed to fix the problem. it still idles a little rough and every once in a while when its idling it will die unless i turn up the idle a little bit. i dont know if thats just becasue its an 01 and its got some miles on it. what do you guys think
  6. ya took the whole thing apart. its usually right when i let off the throttle and its like it skips a beat
  7. alright, how much does it usually cost, is it easy to do
  8. how would i re jet if thats what it needs. i already cleaned the carbs
  9. there isnt any modifications really. only thing i can think of is when i had it worked on bout 6 months ago the mechanic put a 1.5 inch hole in the top of my filter box.
  10. i have a 2001 raptor 660 and whenever im riding it and i let off of the gas it will sputter. it also does it after im riding it a while and i let it idle it will sputter every once in a while. any ideas wheat the problem may be.
  11. i actually bought some new ones a coulple months ago so they were in good shape. i finally got the gaskets back on. there was some residue so i cleaned it out and got it put back together and it started right up. thanks for the help guys
  12. so i was cleaning the carb and i took the black cap off of the top of the carb and no i cant get the thing to go back on becasue there is a rubber bowl that is supposed to go around the inside and i cant get it to fit. any tips i also did the same thing with the rubber gasket that goes around the float bowl. its like its stretched out and i cant get it to fit around the grooves. any tips
  13. k thanx. i was talking to someone and they said it could be that the intake valves are to tight and need to be adjusted. could that be a possiblity too

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