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  1. Right on! thank you sir! ill post what i find out for any future refrence. Thank you again!
  2. K&N YA-7007 $69.95 - Replacement Filters, Replacement Air Filter Here is what it looks like. Its a pretty unique shape and the filter box fits in just so. so if the bodys on the 550 and 700 are the same i would think it would work. I can call my dealer in the morning and ask, its just that they are pretty hungry these days and every question i have seems like they interject that they can order it, or i can buy one there for $XX, instead of just answering my question... man i just cant seem to keep my head in one place.... lol another Q... will this adversly affect my air fuel mixture?
  3. Thanks for the info. here is another question, i know the Grizzly 550 is built off the 700. Pretty much teh same bike just smalller engine. so are teh filters the same? i looked a the uni-filters you mentioned, they dont list one for the 550 but they list the 700 for 09'. seems to me that they would be interchangable but IDK. thanks again! Matt (HCS)
  4. Hey fellas, Great site you have here, im happy to be a part of it im fairly new to the ATV culture and i have a question about a new filter i would like to get on my Grizzly. Im lookin at gettin the K&N filter for my ride because the stock one, well.... sucks. But i was told that a filter like that will get wet and allow moisture into my engine. i dont really get into much water as i live in the desert. but it does snow in the winter and i plan on tearin it up when the snow is here. I trust the person who told me that the filter would get wet and soggy and fall apart? arnt K&N filters cloth? thanks for the info. EDIT: if the K&N isnt the way to go, do any of you know another route? somthing better than the stock foam filter
  5. GHAA!! NO GRIZZLY SKINS!?! lol very cool but none for the ol' grizz, what gives?
  6. Hey everybody, another new guy here. Just got my Grizzly and am loving every minute i am on it! Zeek, when shopping around for mine, i asked the very same questions and i got some mixed answers but all were helpful. i setteled on the Grizzly 550 no EPS. "1. Is there a big difference in the 700 Grizzly WITH EPS opposed 2 the 700 that comes without EPS? I spoke to a salesman at one store and he said that a few of the people who ride them don't like the EPS because they don't have as much control as they do with ATV's that don't have EPS." what i found is the powersteering isnt like the powersteering in your car. it only helps when you are putting alot of force into it. At slower speeds, in really rough terrain it would be helpfull but, the bike only weighs 650lbs+rider fully loaded, not much really if you think about it. i chose not to get it because for me its just one more thing that can break. "2. Is the 700 Grizzly FI too much for a new rider like me? I've been told that if I don't get the 700 I'll be mad if I don't because I won't be able 2 keep up with other riders once I figure it all out. " I was worried about having too much power being a beginner. so i went with the 550. IMO this is all the power you will need. 0-30 in about 15 yrds, and mine tops out at 60! all the low end torque you will need, unless you really get into some ruff stuff. then i think you would be better off with a winch that more power, "3. How fast do the 700's go?" cant speak for the 700, but if it goes faster than my 550 (60mph) id be scared of it, lol. "4. Do they offer classes in Atlanta for new riders?" cant say... "5. Do you suggest that I get the extended warranty beyond the standard warranty?" YES, the extended warranty offered by Yamaha is worth every penny. I was told that it will cover pretty much anything that could go wrong with it, other than a cut tire or if you total it out down a mountain. Had a gentelmen tell me he didnt clean his air filter right and got some dust in the engine, and they coverd it. he said $400 parts + 6rs of labor @ 75-80bucks an hour(my local shop's rate) pretty much covered the cost of the warranty. "6. Are there any extra safety items(nerf bar, etc) I should add to the ATV besides the actual safety gear that I wear myself?" i would suggest the frame skid plate and the A-Arm guards, i bottomed out and broke one of the stock plastic a-arm guards on just a little hill not going very fast. Any other advice you can give a new rider like myself is GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!! THANKS Have fun with it and be carefull, going slow and being dusted for a while is a ton better than being laid up from rolling it over on ya!

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