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Hey fellas, Great site you have here, im happy to be a part of it

im fairly new to the ATV culture and i have a question about a new filter i would like to get on my Grizzly.

Im lookin at gettin the K&N filter for my ride because the stock one, well.... sucks.

But i was told that a filter like that will get wet and allow moisture into my engine. i dont really get into much water as i live in the desert. but it does snow in the winter and i plan on tearin it up when the snow is here.

I trust the person who told me that the filter would get wet and soggy and fall apart?

arnt K&N filters cloth?

thanks for the info.

EDIT: if the K&N isnt the way to go, do any of you know another route? somthing better than the stock foam filter

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i have never heard that about k&n filters and i doubt that will ever happen just clean it wen it needs to be clean and oil it and you will not get any water or condensation on or around the filter or the housing.. i have however heard the way the filter is designed allows for dust to go through. that is true but if u buy a pre-filter which i have done it stops that issue from ever happening... personally i think k&n is a great filter and it did give me some noticeable power, if u r iffy about k&n still try looking into uni-filters they are great air filters and i heard all positive things from them to

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Thanks for the info.

here is another question, i know the Grizzly 550 is built off the 700. Pretty much teh same bike just smalller engine. so are teh filters the same? i looked a the uni-filters you mentioned, they dont list one for the 550 but they list the 700 for 09'. seems to me that they would be interchangable but IDK.

thanks again!

Matt (HCS)

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well i would like to say that they are interchangeable but i am not 100% sure.. u r right that they are the exact everything but the engines are a different size i dont know if the filter needs to be larger for the 700 because of it being a bigger engine in all and needing more air but i really dont know... ur best bet would be talking to ur dealer or calling yamaha... is the filter flat or is it a circle?

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K&N YA-7007 $69.95 - Replacement Filters, Replacement Air Filter

Here is what it looks like. Its a pretty unique shape and the filter box fits in just so. so if the bodys on the 550 and 700 are the same i would think it would work.

I can call my dealer in the morning and ask, its just that they are pretty hungry these days and every question i have seems like they interject that they can order it, or i can buy one there for $XX, instead of just answering my question...

man i just cant seem to keep my head in one place.... lol

another Q... will this adversly affect my air fuel mixture?

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yea i hear ya i get the same thing from my "old dealer" give the uni company a call they can be more help to you than any dealer out there.. for the air fuel mixture no you wont have a problem at all ur atv is equipped with efi Electronic Fuel Injection instead of your traditional carburetor the ones with the choke and all the fun crap.. so with the efi it moderates the fuel and air mixture so that it is the right amount of fuel every time it feeds it to the engine so theirs is no need to mess with anything just put the filter in and go

Edited by outlander560

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I personally don't like K&N because of how much stuff they let through. With a prefilter they are great. I trust Uni or Twin Air. I pesonally like foam filters over paper/cloth

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