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  1. hey bot or anyone that can help. i recentley road at this place called Reiter pit, it was absolutely awsome, i have never had so much fun riding anywhere else. but i dont kow how to add it to my trails or WA trails. the info i have on it is that it is just south of Gold Bar WA, i have found directions on the net but i am not very computer savy, so if someone has some spare time, perhaps they could post the info. it is public property and it is open to atv's, orv's and i believe camping, although i dont believe there is any running water or restrooms. thanks, adam (sandrider)
  2. is there a way to send pictures from your mobile phone to Q.C.?
  3. those are some nice pictures man. looks like you had a good time
  4. I went riding in the dunes w/o any problems, the next day i started it up and road down the road to a trail near my house. I went up a steep dirt hill, road down idling in 3rd, killed it at the bottom then wouldn't start. I don't have a meter but i will get some help. Thanks for the diagram.
  5. i keep blowing the fuse by my battery, from what i can tell it runs my kill switch. i dont have a manual, YET! when it blows i lose all power to lights, starter,etc... i already checked the wiring from k/s and everything looks good as far as i can tell, no breaks, nothing corroted. any suggestions would be grately appriciated , thanks, oh yeah its an 04- ltz400
  6. Welcome to the site, this place is awsome. I've been a member for a short time now and everyone is real friendly. Once again hello and enjoy, sandrider (adam)
  7. this is for any who knows the seattle area. i heard of a place called "riders lake", or at least i think that was the name, for a place to ride with lots of mud. i was told it was around Sultan. If anyone knows of this place, could you give me info on where it is and if its legal to ride. i will be heading over that way for a meeting and i was wondering if it woul be worth loading up the quad and hauling it over the mountain, Thanks
  8. thank you! everyone here seems real cool im glad to be part of this
  9. just an FYI, there is a web site i stumbled across while i was working (LOL) with some pretty sick skins: InvisionPowersports.com - ATV Graphics, Motocross Decals & More! , check it out
  10. If anyone comes to the moses lake dunes give me a shout i can get a couple of people together we can bring out a grill and have a good time
  11. My name is Adam, im from Ephrata WA. and ride in the moses lake sand dunes. I have an '04 suzuki LTZ 400, its my first quad. From now on the only time i will be on two wheels is when im on the pavement. I hope to be going to Oregon to ride on labor day at winchester bay
  12. thanks for the welcome. I ride a 2004 suzuki LTZ 400. I'm pretty new to the quads this is my first one. I grew up on bikes but i'm loving four wheels i will work on getting some pics on here.
  13. I really dig the sand in the moses lake, WA dunes. Of course mud kicks butt too. If anyone is going to the dunes in moseslake send me an email maybe we can hook up.

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