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That is a good question. Admin will have to answer that but it sounds like a cool addition to the site.

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that is a good idea u have...usaully i just send them to my email, save them, upload them on photbucket, and then copy and paste the link...if admin could do something like this i would post a lot more pictures:yes:

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Word from the bird is that we don't have the technology as of right now. There are only a few phones that have the ability. And QC is not setup for that.

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    • By Ajmboy
      I'm starting this thread out of curiosity and ofcourse I just upgraded my cell phone yesterday. ... Please list your cell phone and carrier. Photo if you have one or can find one online so we know what it looks like.
      I have a Palm Pre on Sprint.

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      Just a little ride with my daughter to charge the batterys and give the dogs a run the small kick near the start @ part 1. is my girl & I following some Green Sea turtle tracks to see where its nest is so we can come back in three months and hope fully watch them running across the beach back to the water
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      Newbie here - my son and I have bought a used Polaris Sportsman 500 ATV (2000 model). We have had a blast for a day or so, but the machine has died now and need some mobile help - don't have a way to transport to shop.
      Does anyone have any recommendations for a mobile mechanic who could come take a look at the machine - its turning over but wont kick in. Not sure if this is a common problem or not.
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      I finally found an awsome app for your phone that shows you on a map all the trails near your location. You can read or add reviews, look at picts...etc
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    • By Admin
      Since updating our site a few weeks ago, we've reset the picture gallery so that our members can upload and share some new pictures with the community. Please take a moment to take a look and share some of your ATV photos. 
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      We have a new picture section and encourage everyone to upload their ATV photos. Looking for some suggestions on our categories. We used some of the old categories that we had. Currently you can upload photos to the different categories without creating an album, or you can create as many albums as you like to organize your photos.
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      Crazy ATV Photos
      Show Off Your ATV
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      ATV Scenic Rides
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      Utility ATV Photos
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      Here are some Shots that I took while I was there....I took over 600 Shots Still Sorting and Fixing....Looking for the Best ones LOL!!!!
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      Dirtdogs First Recovery Mission

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      My Wife

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      I thought it would be neat to see what the trails are like that other people ride. Lets see those pics, here are some of mine. These are just a few of the places I ride, as I get to more this summer I will post new pics.

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      Kinda Race Stuff....Practice day at one of our Local Tracks...Took the opportunity to Hone my Picture takin Skills with the new camera.....

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      Honda ATC Line UP
      1980 ATC70

      1970 ATC90

      1984 ATC110

      1885 ATC125m



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