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  1. I got a good filter for the most part
  2. Jeremy

    General Lee 4x4

    The real one of these is up where I live in a guys garage with about 6 of the regular cars from the real show
  3. Jeremy

    In IRAQ

    I was in Iraq and I didn't get a quad wtf??? Jk god bless all you soldiers,Â
  4. I was talking about any stickers really... Like pro taper, Ac racing, etc someone said they had like a list of email address on there. but if you want to send me some I'm all for it... JEREMY ESTE P.O. Bx 565 Dollar Bay Mi 49922
  5. Anyone know where to get some free stickers someone told me it was on this site and I can't find it... If you could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it. Thanks JEREMY

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