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  1. Sorry if I hurt anyone's feelings about my stupid remark (suckie), I didn't mean to be a jerk. I was just looking for an answer to my question. I have been riding for over 40 years and just care about the other people riding this quad so nobody gets hurt. This is an extra bike for all to ride and enjoy. I have ridden most of the brands ( Blue,Red,Green,and yellow) and the best one is the one you are sitting on and enjoying on any given weekend, so enjoy what you ride. ATV Mechanic didn't get to look at the quad tonight maybe tomorrow, thanks for the info. Dave
  2. Thank you, ATV Mechanic Thanks for all your helpful info, I will get my tester and jumper wires out to tonight and check it out. Also thanks for the attached files and your time. Dave
  3. Hi, Ajmboy You just hit the nail on the head!!---------- I just want the quad safe for others to ride. Thanks Dave
  4. Hey Thanks for the help. Pretty good for someone that rides a suckie.
  5. Hey, Thanks for the help. Why didn't I think of that. This quad is not for me to ride, but for all the friends that ride with us and there girlfriends and kids. Just want the bike to start right so no one gets hurt.
  6. Hi, ATV There are not any engine mods. With the key switch on push the start switch and nothing. but if you pull in the clutch ( like if you are in gear) the bike starts right up. I have taken all the plastic off to check the wiring and plugs and everything is fine. The lights all work fine headlight hi/lo, rear tail light running light/brake light, reverse light, kill switch all work fine. Battery is new w/full charge. Everything works normal except to start the bike you have to pull in the clutch. Thanks Dave
  7. Hi, I'm a new member Just bought a used 08 350 raptor with about 5 hours on it ( very clean ). Started fine when we got it. Now after a few mods (bumper, skid plates, air filter) Now will not start unless you pull in the clutch. I've checked just about everything and also checked that there is no pinched wires. Anybody have any ideas?:bangheadc: Thanks, Dave

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