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  1. Have a 2003 kfx 400 decided to go for a ride and after 10 minutes it started to bog down after giving it gas.It starts right up and idles like it was new.It bogs down after reving it up will run all day at idle.The only warning i got was it did backfire a few weeks back and conked out drove it back to the garage and parked it.What could this possible be.Spark plug? Cloged carb? or electronics. Could use some help .
  2. I have a kfx 400 its a great machine for the trails plenty fast enought .You also feel safe on it not tipyThen again we also have the raptor 700r great on the trails also but you really have some great power for those launches on the straight away.To me it feels taller when you sit on it.The suspension is better on the 700 but I think the kfx turns better Booth great bikes cant go wrog with either one.
  3. Just bought a 2003 kfx 400 no book came with it .So how do you tighten the chain? thanks

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