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  2. If you can run it with out the battery then I would think that the problem is not your alternator, as the alternator is providing the voltage to provide spark. Did your gauge cluster die before this happened? (no speedometer, and Loss of 4 wheel drive) I know the units in the 2000's had an issue with water getting into the gauge cluster, and EVERYTHING runs through that damn thing.
  3. Undo the 17mm brake side axle nut ,(Right side while facing bars) remove the nut, then the washer, the wheel, then the depending on the unit the spacer, and "o"ring. (on some later units the spacer is held in by the outer brake shield) in either case, remove the brake shield (Three 10mm bolts) All items should slide off fairly easily from the shaft, there are no hidden clips that I know of. The brakes should now be exposed. if you are un-sure of what to do from this point, be sure to take plenty of pictures, as brakes are a handy thing to have. Jim

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