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  1. I posted earlier looking for a wiring diagram, but maybe someone can help me with the problem if they’ve had it before. The quad Will start and idle ok, when I open the throttle it will rev all the way up until WOT and then it dies back down to idle, and if I keep the throttle wide open it will rev back up. It will do this over and over and over. I replaced the carb, (twice), Rectifier, battery, and spark plug. The Stator ohmed out to the proper specs from dinli. The other issue i can see is I’m not getting 12v on the choke circuit. The lights don’t work either. possible bad key switch? Maybe the new rectifier is bad? All the contacts on the key switch also ohm out properly comprsssion is up to 125 psi and spark is there. Reed valves look great..... im at a loss. Any trouble shooting advice would be appreciated.
  2. @Ajmboy thanks. Just trying to be cheap and not buy one..... but I’m gonna need one to get this gremlin outta my machine.
  3. Anyone have a legible service manual for a Dinli diamond back 50cc? The one on Dinli’s website is a scanned in copy and the wiring diagram is totally unreadable. Got some issues I can’t seem to figure out. I think that Polaris used the same platform these years 2001 ish? any and all help would be appreciated

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