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  1. I guess I should have mentioned that it has a carb but no, it hasn't sat very much at all. I just purchased it a couple months ago and ride it regularly either at the house or at our hunting lease a couple days a week. Wish I could find a clymer manual for it so I would feel comfortable removing the carb bowl to check for trash. Anybody have any links or pics on removal of a Keihin CVK32 carb?
  2. My new KQ just suddenly started backfiring VERY loudly sometimes when I get out of the throttle at a good speed and let the motor help me to slow down along with braking. It also will make a soft backfire if I rev it up a little in neutral, and the last symptom it has is when I get it up to temp and let it idle it will purr like a kitten and all of a sudden just shut off intermittently. I already bought a new plug, gapped it, installed it and if anything it made it worse. I did have the 100 mile service done not long ago and it just turned 400 miles today so it leads me to believe that it may be running just a little lean but I wanted to run by everyone here to see if anyone else has had this happen and if so, how you remedied it.

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