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  1. I already disconnected ball joints, tie rod, pulled the axel out of the gear case, axel seems good, when i put it back in case and try to hand turn the axel, thats when there appears to be a clicking noise. Do you know whats inside that case (any barings? or anything that could be making that noise?) The tire wearing is on the front right if sitting on bike, it seems to be the centre tread towards the outside of the bike is wearing more then any of the other tread...could this be caused by a wheel baring?? thanks
  2. I have a 2007 yamaha grizzly 700, wondering what could be wrong inside deferential gear case in front end of bike. Front axil doesnt seem to turn smoothly, can hear a "clinking" sound coming from the deferential gear case when turning the axil? Tire seems to be wearing out funny on right front side when sitting on bike. Any hints out there?? Thanks Carrie
  3. Hey there, thanks for the info....yes it is all original! No have not noticed any smoke from the tailpipe...my daughter has only driven it a few times.....will check the fuel mixture screw and get back to you.....THanks.
  4. Hey there, ok I took some pics of the plug, but I cant seem to upload them...I think my file size is to big...and i have no idea how to decrease the size...if you would like I could email them to you if that helps....but I will describe what it looks like.... When I remove the plug it is very black, not overly wet, but appears to be full of carbon! The plug Im using is an NGK CR7HSA. Thanks.
  5. Hi there, I just bought a 1989 yamaha breeze 125 for my daughter, and I seem to be blowing plugs after every ride....wondering if anyone knows the correct spark plug i should be using or if anyone has had the same problem?? I dont have the manual,but wondering if the guy i bought it from was using the wrong plug...once i put in a new plug it runs fine for that time then next day need to change the plug again.......thanks carrie

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