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  1. All Parts Racing will be at the Summer nationals in worcester mass this coming week. Keeping our fingers crossed for good weather!!! were having a raffle as well as selling shirts and anyone who wants custom graphics for their quads i will be on hand to discuss prices and do a quick design for ya.. More info e mail me direct at [email protected] Thanks a bundle
  2. Hay folks im will. I work for all parts racing. Im the graphic and PR guy. Also a quad rider. just popping in to say hello and make an introduction!
  3. Hay folks. Im will a newbee here. I work for all parts racing in Massachusetts. Im not trying to pedal parts and what not here, more custom graphics. Ive been lurking around sites and have done some reserch on my own, and found the prices are WAY up there. Being a quad rider i like my "look" black on black with skulls and what not. Everything i see is crap tribal and pistons. My background is in digital media. I have a masters in graphic design. If anyone here might be interested in having some custom stuff done or just want to have a few ideas thrown at them Let me know. Id really appreciate it. Thanks for taking a minute to read my post. If you want info e-mail me @ [email protected]
  4. Hay all, my company and i do custom graphics as well, dont want to bombard this page with ADs or anything. Just throwing it out there!!

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