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  1. @MarkinAR @Robert Stutesman So, I've been researching here in Brazil and the part really has to be disassembled, it's the way it was explained, I'm going to take it to a mechanic and ask to disassemble it, here in Brazil we call that part omokinetic: D As for the pinion I will ask a mechanic to dismantle it too, it is a system very similar to that of a truck differential, as I have experience with this I found it very strange and I will fix it, I hope it is only the bearing that is inside who presented this slack, in the end is compensating to dismantle the parts because I am finding
  2. Hello, I am reviewing the differential of my bayou 220 and I came across two situations: 1 - How can the final drive roll be changed? in the manual it shows that the part can be disassembled, but not to the point of being able to change the bearing; 2 - the differential pinion has a gap, so I would like to know if it would need adjustment or if it is so. I put a photo and a video to show WhatsApp Video 2021-03-07 at 18.29.09.mp4
  3. As soon as the parts arrive and I change, I notice, from what I saw I will need 3 retainers and I will try to find them here in Brazil. As soon as I make the exchange I show the progress here, including photos: D
  4. I got it, I bought a kit from Vertex and I believe it is the same, I will send it to Brazil still, thanks for the feedback, your post helped me a lot here too :D
  5. the reverse cable is really missing, at first i will continue using it with the rear brake lever, in case it gets too expensive to bring to brazil i will adapt a bicycle gear lever because from what i saw it will work well. the previous owner took some things and didn’t take good care of him, so I’ve been investigating what things were missing from him and what he needs to do the forum here is great, it has helped me a lot in the research I have done, many posts that are very relevant. Today I found a 300 4x2 bayou near here with a good price, I am thinking of buying it and when I get t
  6. Did this item you purchased fit your bayou? I have the same leakage problem and I thought about buying this kit that you mentioned, could you share the link if it is not this one?
  7. @tomlad did you manage to find the frame? if so could it show where it is?
  8. I can't download it yet, but I'll be participating more here so I can launch it. Thank you very much for the feedback, this manual will help me a lot
  9. Hello, I am restoring a bayou 220 here in Brazil, I have a question regarding the rear brake activated by the lever on the left side. The ex-owner connected it in place of the reverse cable and as this is incorrect, could someone show me through pictures where I correctly connect the rear brake cable? Another thing, every time you reverse, is it necessary to activate the reverse key?

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