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  1. Waiting 3 months for my Ebay order for a Polaris clutch needle bearing down here in Peru. The chinese clutch is doing well without abuse but the ebs one way bearing turned out to be short lived,already sticking and making gear change tricky. I was wondering if anyone knows the equivalent for this part on SKF, FAG,Timken or other brands? As far as I know the OD is 1 3/4" ID 1 1/2 " and width 1 5/16" , Polaris markets this part as an exclusive product while a cage needle bearing should be available over the counter for other appliances if you have the right numbers. Unfortunately her
  2. The 450 has it's bad and it's good days,with the hydraulic cam chain tensioner the main culprit. It makes all kinds of ticking sounds depending on oil temperature and pressure. You can confuse it with a slight exhaust leak or vibration. I changed the exhaust gasket ring and it solved part of the noise but you can still hear the cam chain under acceleration While noise disappears when decelerating. I need to convert my tensioner to manual but have to make sure it works, 'cause there's no parts dealer in Peru. You have to be patient and check/repair items one by one . Most people
  3. Check the exhaust gasket ring between the pipes,as it wears out it gets thinner till there's only a steel mesh left. As for the shift linkage vibrating,sand down one or two halves of the shift linkage fibre 'til it makes a good fit.
  4. Almost forgot MX, a full size battery might rub against the prop shaft, I had to loosen the bolts of the battery case and move it a bit outwards .
  5. My polaris 450 starts making cam chain noise as soon as the engine warms up. The tensioner,besides not having a ratchet mechanism to keep the chain tight,relies solely on a spring and oil pressure. I am suspecting there might be an oil pressure drop seeping through the thread of the tensioner itself,which is a rough m18 x 1.5 mm that leaves a lot of leaking space for the oil to escape. It would be interesting to machine a groove just before the thread starts to fit an o ring and keep oil pressure constant. A manual adjuster will be my 2nd option but having no parts available her
  6. I´m having this mixed feelings about how smooth the 500 engine of the 450 should feel within the 3500 and 4000 rpm range since it has a counterbalancer and is suposed to be factory balanced within this operational range. Mine vibrates a little to much for my experience with 500 singles and comparing them to my former Honda XR bikes during my motorcycle years. Engine cases have never been split so i asume the balancer is still correctly timed. Can anybody tell me if this is normal? Thanks in advance. Robbie
  7. Bought a 2nd hand 2017 polaris sportsman 450 with 12000 hours recently and have done a lot of maintenance including a new 18 amp battery to assist faster starting. Having expected to find a 4 valve head i took the valve cover off and found a single ohc with its 2 buckets. At first dissapointed, i realized this was a run forever engine, no visible wear noticeable and still running perfectly. The decompressor ball was missing in the camshaft, with the lever and spring still in place. Since the motor starts at once every time i think its better to keep the camshaft as is . In my e
  8. Having recently bought a well used sportsman 450 with 20000 miles in northern Peru i found out ,among many other things that the swaybar is stuck solid,hence the harsh ride,so I removed the links and finally am enjoying a much smoother ride. My thoughts are to find a 1/2 " round steel rod with grooved ends instead of the awkward square tube which polaris fits and make a proper rotation bearings linkage. By the way ,turning has improoved but I think a more flexible bar would bring back stability for a safe ride. The intake manifold adapter was cracked in two pieces and glued together
  9. Thanks AJM, at least i have learnt this is no rocket science,since its a matter of finding the right one by specs and size. For an old timer mechanic electronics has been an issue for many years. By living in a country where you need to make your repairs with whats available,electronics has taken our independence away.In a metric world I have noticed Polaris still uses good old american hardware,i guess Americans are reluctant to change to metric as the english were forced to. South americans grew up with both (lol)
  10. I'm retired, live in north Peru and recently bought a 2 year old 450 sportsman HO 2017 with 20,000 miles on the clock. It has been part of a fleet for agricultural commuting and has had proper maintenance as it still looks and runs pretty good. Checking out for the efi parts i found the fuel injector was not stock and lifted with 2 bushings to make parts fit. Does anyone know if there is an automotive fuel injector that might fit,with the same flow rate and specs,as polaris parts are nearly impossible to get here. Nowhere on the internet can i find cross reference parts from Bosch o

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