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  1. okey, great, thanks. I want to torque it to spec just because it was leaking water, but im also going to double check that the water pump is actually working also so not that is the problem.
  2. Hi, i have a polaris 4x6 -89 and im not sure if there might be something wrong with the engine. It makes a kind of scrabling sound like when a rod bearing is bad, but i can only hear it when revving quite high, usually bearing fault is heard mostly on low revs. Could it be bearings? piston? Or just something loose that is vibrating?
  3. Hi, Im replacing head gasket on my 350L because it started leaking water and i think the previous owner did not use correct torque. I dont have the service manual so do anyone know what torque to use, anyone know?
  4. Looking for a manual to Polaris big boss 6x6 350L 1993

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