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  1. I have a 2003 Kawasaki Lakota KEF 300 sport It has a leak on shifter shaft I got a seal from ebay put it in and still leaking . So now I ordered one from Partzilla a OEM seal here is my problem on the blue print of the gear shifter shaft it show what looks like a seal but its called a collar Then on the engine cover diagram it shows a bushing and a seal so I called Partzilla they said get the bushing and seal and no one can tell me what the collar is or if I need it I also have the service manual and cant seem to find anything on it as well does anyone know what I need a bushing and seal and d
  2. I actually had a box of metric seals and i kind of slid it in because the seal was deff missing when i put shifter down it would move so slitly probably where seal goes so i put a seal on it and it slid right in hopefully it stays but im going take it appart soon and do it the right way if it leaks again thanks for responding!! Next I have the recoil starter to put back in I have the spring and wheel so i need the rope amd to take off cover and actually see whats in there lol Its a pretty good quad so far Obviously the blue one the red one is my never die 86 Quadrunner
  3. Hey guys I just picked up a 2003 Kawasaki Lakota 300 sport last night i noticed today the foot gear shifter was loose so I tightened it a drop now i see a leak right around where the shaft goes in trans.Is this a easy fix? Is there anything I can use temporarily to seal it Im sure it would get less in the colder weather or maybe with a thicker oil may slow it up so is there a temp fix for now ??
  4. So recently after a 20 plus year if not longer of riding quads and dirt bikes my youngest son 13 years old asked me for a quad .So we found a 1986 Suzuki LT Quad runner 230 GE shaft drive got it for a good price needed some tlc New tires and used rims new spark plug new brakes not yet installed new oil and air filter oil change and tail light and head light.I got most if not all on ebay very inexpensive and the quad runs great.Been using it almost every day and of course at 52 years old im riding everyday again I live in Brooklyn NY Gerritsen beach and where we live we are lucky enough to hav
  5. From Brooklyn NY Gerritsen beach!!! We have many trails and beach to ride probably the place in Brklyn NY with the most trails for years we been creating bike trails have high turns and many woppdie s I have a 86 Suzuki quadrunner 230 GE shaft drive and looking for another bike just havent found one yet
  6. I have a 96 LT quadrunner 230 GE runs great love it i did a few tuneup things air filter oil filter amd change final gear gear oil doing back brakes ..Quad runs excellent Also did new tires in rear ebay you can find lots of parts
  7. Hi im new to this site thanks for letting me on I have a 1986 Suzuki LT 230 GE quad-runner shaft drive .I got it for a great price a few weeks ago i did some maintenance work fixed a few wires and it runs incredible.My question is what kind of gear oil does this atv use I use 10w40 motor cycle oil for engine J know that helps with wet clutch as well but what about gear oil do you chk it by opening plug and looking how much is in and what type do I use in it

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