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Bleeding new rear master cylinder

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I have a 2004 Kawasaki Lakota 300 and have to replace rear master cylinder and rear caliper. Does a new rear master cylinder need to be bench bled or bled separately or can I just bleed whole system like a regular brake-bleed? If it does need to be done separately or on bench how would I do this Thanks in advance 

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I  see no reason  an atv master cylinder ( and wheel  cylinder(s)  can't be bled the same way automotive cylinders are bled.  Fill  master cylinder,  pump up and hold brake and crack the bleed valve. The fun  part comes with some atvs when you need to remove the seat or plastics to access the rear master cylinder cylinder or  bleed valve.

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actually did a gravity bleed when i filled it and then took my reverse bleeder and pushed all air out through resavour and worked great I picked up a small reverse bleeder on ebay i used it 2-3 times and works real well only down side i dont like to pour the fluid thats left over in reverse bleed bottle back in the container the fluid comes in  , but as long as bottom  of stem is coverd in bleeder u dont waste much Thanks for relpy 

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