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  1. Sorry to bump an old topic but theres not many topics on this. Alot of spots are being cracked down on due to the huge population increase and activity in the Fraser valley especially places like Jones Lake but there are tons of Forest service roads all over the place, If your looking to just ride up a mountain and see how far you can go then I suggest Carolin Mine road up Hwy 5 or BC Nickel Mine road up Hwy 1, they go for quite awhile.
  2. Hey peeps, anyone from Southern British Columbia or the Interior have any cool atv riding spots? Heres a couple I have been scoping out: BC Nickel Mine road outside of Hope Flat Lake Provincial Park near 100 Mile House although this one is a major snowmobile trail in the winter and there is a few low watelogged spots in the summer so detours are required
  3. While I dont like to fuel the whole conspiracy theory train it is a little odd that as coronavirus is winding down now all of a sudden the government wants to confirm ufos lol, seems weird but in all honesty we wont know the real reason for years to come.
  4. Hey guys and gals, new member here from British Columbia. Inherited a 2009 Polaris sportsman in rough condition, going to try to get it in better shape and hopefully have a little fun in the process :D

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