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  2. HI there do you have a rear axle or rear arm supports? I have a 2005 Big Bear 400 that was rolled and hit the rear right tire good. Bent rim and snapped rear arm support component
  3. I am also looking for a service manual for 2005 Big Bear 400
  4. Hello there, I recently purchased a 2005 Yamaha Big Bear 400 that had been rolled and snapped the rear axle support attached to the rear diff and right wheel. The thing about this atv it's a Professional edition and the previous owners said I need a different part then just the regular support. Part Number: 5FU-F2110-10-00 Rear Arm component. (1 in the picture)
  5. Hello new to the site, just joined today and ride a 2001 honda rancher 350. Purchased a rolled 2005 Yamaha Big Bear 400 and looking for a service manual for it, also places to ride in BC. Thanks!
  6. I started out on dirtbikes as a kid and had a blast on two wheels. Last year I had an high school automotive class I was teaching and keeping my eyes open for simple projects for my students. Found a honda rancher on Craigslist that had been rolled and appeared to be seized. $250 and I couldn't pass it up. Plastics were crap and handlebars bent, meter cracked but lights still worked. No battery just the pull start. Turned out the the piston wrist pin clip jammed under the wrist pin prevent it from being able to rock back and forth with the connecting rod movement. Drilled the piston off and hammered out the pin. $80 on a new piston and the thing fired up second pull! Eventually got different plastics and repaired a few other cosmetics bits and its been running great since (with a few aluminum piston bits inside lol). Same spark plug and head (just dingle balled it a bit).
  7. Hello there, I am new to the atv scene and curious where in BC (specifically Fraser Valley) You can ride?

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