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  1. Hi, Im new here to and just started riding alot. My husband just bought me a Honda 400EX. So I have been practicing jumps and wheelies. I actually can do a wheelie better than a jump. Who knows why. But when I go to jump I tense up and it just doesnt go well. So I also could use any pointers you all could give.
  2. Ok well hope this works. Im not real good about getting things to download. So here is my 4-wheeler.
  3. Hi, im new to the forum. My husband just bought me a 2007 Honda 400EX from his friend for me. He likes dirtbikes which he owns a Honda CR250, but I love the 4-wheelers. So now I got my own and I love it. I just ride for fun, but have been learning how to ride wheelies and jump some humps. Which is not a pretty sight by all means lol. My sons have a 4wheeler they share which is just kinda throwed together, hope to get them a better one later. Not much about me but that I love my wheels. I cant waite to get to know you all.

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