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  1. right now im looking at either the trx450 or the ltr450. i wanting to do some racing with it. the money thing isnt set in stone. im deployed right now so this is going to be my new toy when i get homne
  2. im in the same sitution pretty much. im having a hard time deciding which one to buy. but im going to be doing more track riding than anything. from what im reading the trx450 with some money put into it would be one of the better ones for track riding. is that right or should i be looking at something different?
  3. ok well right now im deployed. so the money is starting to rack up. so if i had the money to just throw in suspension would you say go with the trx then? or just stick with the yzf.
  4. im looking to get off 2 wheels and get on 4. maybe you guys in here can help me find a quad for me. also help me learn about them.
  5. so im making the change over from bikes to quads and im trying to figure out what quad to go with. alot of my buddies that race keep telling me to go with the trx450r. anyone say otherwise?

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