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    How do you like the NOS? I was thinking about getting it for my YFZ 523 Ice Cube stroker kit. Is it as hard on engines as they say or do you have to be conservitive with it?
  2. Hey all, i got a 523 Ice Cube Kit put in about a year ago and now im loosing coolant out the expantion tank. it only comes out under a good load. I have no white smoke out the exhaust, ive taken the radiator cap off and there are no bubbles even if i give it some throttle, and no coolant in the oil. runs great besides having to add coolant. I also put an aftermarket water pump on not sure if that has anything to do with it, stock radiator and cap. Im just hoping its not the head gasket. want to check out all my options before i rip it open. was going to put the system under pressure and te
  3. Anyone have any good info on a good carb for a YFZ 523 Ice Cube. Was thinking about a 41mm. What to you all recommend.

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