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  1. Yeah I've heard tons of problems that involved the angle sensor being the problem,but when I shift it the screen does display the gear number it is in rather than "--"plus when I try to manually shift it will shift gears ,but when I give it gas it just won't move.Keep in mind that it is on jack stands and when I do shift it in forward or reverse the tires do turn for just a second to let me know it is shifting but just not holding.As for getting the book for it.........Well I guess I'm a little hard headed when it comes to reason and a book would make it to easy.LOL Besides that is why they have forums.LOL I'll give it a little longer before I break down and listen to reason and get the book.Thanks for your input ,but I think the angle sensor is ruled out.I'm totally open for anymore suggestions.
  2. Someone from another forum sent me directions on adjusting the clutch.Didn't work.I guess I'm just gonna have to back track,but this time I think I'm gonna just leave the motor where it sits and just pull off the clutch cover and take a peek inside hopefully it is something obvious.Thanks
  3. If that is the case do you have any suggestions as to go about correcting the problem?
  4. 2000 Rancher 350 ES 4x4 O.K. here's the story.I pulled the motor out so I could fix why the bike wouldn't shift gears.After pulling the motor I removed the clutch cover and looking over all of the parts that were used to make it shift.I found the culprit and replaced it with a spare that I had from a parts engine.In order to remove it I had to slide the clutch basket forward a little,removed and replaced the bad part then slid the clutch back and finished assembling the engine.Before I put it back on the frame I checked it to make sure it shifted and it did with no problems.I put the motor back on the frame and I hooked up the wiring and exhaust pretty much just the bare minimum of what it would take just to start it and test it.(None of the front wheel drive was hooked up if it matters or not and the front and rear of bike are completely off the ground). And now finally here is my problem.When I start the bike the es shifts just fine,BUT the tires do not turn in forward or reverse.When I shift either direction I know it is going into gear cause as soon as I shift you can see the tires turn just a little,but when I give it gas they don't turn at all.I can spin the tires with my hand and they turn freely and I know when it is in gear cause I can watch the output shaft on the front wheel drive turn as I spin the back tires.Is there another internal problem with the engine or is it my clutch.The reason I believe it may be my clutch is because I messed with the adjustment on the clutch cover before removing it(thinking it was something that needed to be removed in order to remove the cover)and I'm not quite sure how to set it the way it should be set.Anybodies help would be greatly appreciated I'm just a poor white boy that can't afford a mechanic's rate so gotta do it myself.Sorry for writing a whole book here,but I just wanted to give the most info.as possible for an accurate diagnosis.Thank-You for your time.

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