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  2. well. we're two for two on this posting of problems solved. to recap, was able to crank engine and trace power very well everywhere, but no spark. as it turned out it was the same as astrodogg71 had reported, the wires on the pulser coil were reversed. the twist was that the stator/pulser coil had connector plugs attached, so from the aftermarket supply things are not always the same as oem. it's catching a little backfire, but according to the supplier it may be the stator, the mechanic is going to check carburator before replacing stator at no expense thanks to supplier. the machine has been sitting since may or june. anyway, thanks for the help guys...........
  3. good deal there astrodogg71!!!!! yeah, replaced the whole stator/coil, so should not be any mixing of connections. jcole1325, couldn't find the fuse, but might be different on 2004. already got the wiring schematic thanks to ATVmechanic. will post results. it's to the point where it has to be something simple, hair out of place type thing.
  4. jcole1325 saw your previous post about the fuse. didn't notice one the first time i looked, but will double check and respond back. astrodogg71, appreciate your post, hopefully it'll help both of us.
  5. don't stop now!!! i've got the same problem with mine!! we did find a bad pulser coil and replaced, after we had tried the other things (reg/rect, cdi, coil). all check good, but even after replacing the stator and pulser coil still no spark. i've got it in to mechanic, but even he's stumped and doing the wire by wire search. in case you're wondering about the pulser coil, it should read around 500 ohms (+/- 50) from what i found.

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