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  2. yeah i go to busco all the time. well at least i did when i lived in NC! LOL i just wanted to try to find someplace to ride on a regular weekend. Busco is now a holiday weekend trip cause it's so far. Thanks for the info
  3. Has anyone ever been riding or know anything about slades park in Surry Va. I live in Hampton and have been looking for a place to ride and a guy at the ATV shop told me about it. I found some stuff on you tube. Any info would help. Thanks!:usflag:
  4. FordGuy79

    ice 19

    That's what i'm talking about!!!! Never to cold to ride!!!! Awesome pic
  5. Thanks for posting that. I never really thought about that happening by jump starting them but that make sense!
  6. Thanks I will check that out. My only worry with that is if the degree i get is going to be legit and recognized. But hey who knows. Thanks for the advice! Not sure i can go wrong with advice from a fellow OKI!!!!

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