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  2. there it is! sweet, you know dahondaboy had to vote hondagirl!
  3. nope still not even if i refresh or right click and show picture. maybe by computer is poo.
  4. you know i wonder bout that myself. the 97 4drs got old type front clip my 96 however has the newer style headlights and grille. i have seen other 97 4drs with the same old 95 style too. i have no idea why they made them like that. the 97 zr 2 door has the new style yet the 4 door dont. its just wierd. btw i have different bumpers on it that are more prerunner style and look better, ill update pics soon. and get some of the v-8 project goin on
  5. Nice, looks tough, i just picked up a 96 blazer and i am currently swapping in a 68 327 with a tunnel ram and 1150 dominator carb, and a th-350 trans, the rear axle is getting swapped out from the 7.5 to the 8.5 limited slip. i am planning on dropping it a couple inches and adding ground effects making it a street ride.
  6. my 97 blazer on 33's torsion keys and lift shackles, helper springs removed, no sway bars, vortec 4.3,
  7. i know lectron makes carbs with adapters for just about anything including rhino's so id try there plus you cant beat the flow and ease of tuning on them, i have 2 and will never go back. Lectron Fuel Systems you will have to call them for your specific app.
  8. dahondaboy

    test drive

    flex that gun son, and put some shoes on before you start it!
  9. u dont look quite old enough fer that beverage yer holdin son.
  10. yup you are right only a handful have topped the 1000' foot monster. petey krunich did it last year on a bandit 1200 powered bike, i have only got 714 feet, but that beat out 28 other riders. last year i took 7th in 2 classes and 14th in the big one. every year i get closer.
  11. is the la z trike or a trike a lounger! looks comfy! as for the ditch digging? i have a bike for that, this is my xs650 climber and me at the widowmaker hillclimb in 08. it makes nice trenches lol
  12. obviously you missed post #1 i know it will have limits to its ability. derr. i have other bikes for practical use. i am building this one as a wild wierd oddity thats the point.
  13. thank you for staying on the subject! and i have had 4 cr5oo's in original form. , raced them from desert to hare scrambles to hillclimbs and i disagree, you cannot have too much power. its just like the old saying "its always the dull knife that cuts ya" in other words say you are trying to climb a hill on a kx 85 or yz 80. you have to push it to its max to make any progress, and you will usually flip overin 1st gear. a cr500 you can use throttle control to ease your way up and have power to spare but its there when you need it. the bottom line is "throttle control" yes if you are a panicky novice i would not reccomend it. but if you know how to use the power to your advantage the 500 will do you well.
  14. im not too keen on them new fangled digital movin picture boxes but i will try to get one soon
  15. oh believe me brah, i have been in the three wheeler world a looooong time and im no noob when it comes to moddin em' i just thought id do somethin different this time. here is one of my last builds, it is a custom atc110 rear with a yz250 front and a seca550 motor unfortunatly this trike was destroyed, i built it for a guy and he came and paid for it (2600$) and i warned him DO NOT TAKE IT ON STEEP HILLS. HE ASSURED ME HE KNEW THE DANGERS OF THREE WHEELERS SO I HAD HIM SIGN THE CONTRACT AND HE LEFT. not an hour later i get a call, "chris!, help im pinned i think i broke my leg" i go out there and he had unloaded taken it first thing up a big hill and tried to turn without any momentum it flipped and crushed his ankle. the wheeler had flipped and rolled all the way down the hill bout 300 yards and wedged itself in a gully. it was mangled and dead.. i had to have him ride flat in the back of my truck to the hospital. sad sad demise for the coolest trike i ever rode.
  16. good eye, no i just aint put the lever on yet
  17. i have been lurking here a while and i thought i would post up my build when i saw some cr500 trikes . this is a reverse trike i built using an 88 cr500 and a yamaha blaster front. the motor is race ported by gss race porting and has a 44mm mikuni vm carb, the swingarm is extended 6" and i added a third shock up front to help in cornering stability. eventually i will add 4' extended a arms and fox shox. this will be for cruisin camp to camp out at ther sand dunes and just for playin. due to the design it will have tons of understeer and the rear will want to flip around so it will be a drifting machine. but thats the fun part!

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