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  1. Alright i have an update on my progress on this Suzuki. Well as Profill has said to check the diaphragm on my fuel tap. Well what do ya know, the diaphragm on my fuel tap was corroded letting fuel into the carb through the vacumm line. I switched fuel tap with my KFX 400 since they are the same and the Ozark ran really well, just a few adjustments but ran excellent. Thank you. Tomorrow to the bike shop i go in hopes they have one in stock. Your very knowledgeable thanks!
  2. Im also going to inspect the fuel tap. as well thats some really good advise and never would of thought of that. Thank
  3. I took the carb completely apart and noticed that the small diaphragm rubber gasket was not sealing properly. I noticed the black rubber gasket on the diaphragm was pinched wit the one of the screws and was not set in they way it suppose to. Could this issue be my problem of why this thing sounded so rich and flooded my crankcase? Im going to give a shot tomorrow when i get off of work and let you all know if this cured the issue.
  4. Well when i first bought it it had fuel in the airbox even in the crankcase. So i had to do two oil changes to clear the fuel out. I had filled it up with fresh gas since most of the gas when i bought it was in the crankcase. I checked if the fuel tap was working and it is. When i disconnect it no fuel drips out only when i go and start it so that's out the question. Where are the pilot screws on thing. I don't know much about this carb. I have a yamaha banshee and know my way around that carb very well and i can tune it like nothing. I come upon across this here and i am stumped. Any type of feedback i can get i would appreciate it.
  5. Thanks for the reply. Now when i get it to start a lot of smoke burn through the exhaust as if it's burning gas. I get the impression that it is running too rich. I managed to get to idle but when i give it gas it chokes out and like if there is too much fuel running through the carbs. Do you think it may be a jetting issue?
  6. Hello i recently purchased a 2006 Ozark 250cc. Im trying to get it started but i get nothing. It does start and has fuel along with spark. I noticed there is a idle dial on the bottom of my carb. how should that be set. I think it is fully open as far as the dial goes. If someone could lead me to the process on how to tune the carb i would appreciate it. Thanks

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